Tōō Academy vs Josei High
Too High vs Josei High
Imayoshi revealing the outcome of their match against Josei
Type Practice match
Winner Tōō Academy
Final Score 170 – 39
Tōō Academy Josei High
Notable players
Tōō Academy Daiki Aomine
Shoichi Imayoshi
Ryō Sakurai
Kōsuke Wakamatsu
Josei High Daisuke Narumi
Yōhei Kawase
Masahiro Tsubuku
Hiroshi Sakuma
Kazuki Tōyama
Manga Chapter 110
Anime Episode 37
Previous n/a
Next n/a

Tōō Academy vs Josei High was a practice match for Tōō Academy to prepare for the Winter Cup.

The match was only mentioned when Seirin High and Tōō Academy met at the hot spring. As Tōō reveals they are Seirin's first opponent for the Winter Cup, they say that they played against Josei High that day. Seirin won against them in the Winter Cup preliminaries with 108 – 61, but Tōō won with 170 to 39[1], showing the difference between Seirin and Tōō, even after Seirin's training camps.


  1. Kuroko no Basuke chapter 110, page 15

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