Tōō Academy vs Seirin High
Seirin High vs Too High anime
Type Interhigh preliminary
Winner Tōō Academy
Final Score 112 – 55
Tōō Academy Seirin High
Notable players
Tōō Academy Daiki Aomine
Shoichi Imayoshi
Ryō Sakurai
Kōsuke Wakamatsu
Seirin High Tetsuya Kuroko
Taiga Kagami
Junpei Hyūga
Shun Izuki
Rinnosuke Mitobe
Shinji Koganei
Satoshi Tsuchida
Manga Chapters 4252
Anime Episodes 1519
Previous Seirin vs Shūtoku
Next Seirin vs Meisei

Tōō Academy vs Seirin High was the first match of the Interhigh preliminaries final league. It was Seirin's third confrontation against a Generation of Miracles and Seirin's first loss this year.


In the first half Aomine didn't play because he overslept, but came back the second half. He started with a layup, but Kagami blocked him so he decided he will actually try. After this Seirin was completely shut down by Tōō.

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