Take The Lead
Chapter 115
Chapter 115, Volume 13
Title Take The Lead!!
Shudouken Tore!!
Anime episode Episode 38
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Take The Lead!! is the one hundredth and fifteenth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Imayoshi and Hyuuga, the two teams’ respective captains, shake hands. As Hyuuga walks away, Imayoshi looks at all of Seirin’s players and concludes that they have done all that they can.

Kagetora arrives and after sitting down sees his old friend, Tōō Academy’s coach Katsunori Harasawa. He laughs loudly and comprehends why Tōō Academy’s players are so strong. Unexpectedly, a voice next to him states that Kagetora hasn’t changed at all. Kagetora turns to see Shutoku’s coach, Kazuhiro Mochizuki and enthusiastically greets him, calling him “Mabo”. Shutoku’s members are speechless after hearing this nickname, but Takao suppresses his laughter, deciding to call their coach by this nickname later. As the two men talk, Mochizuki learns that Kagetora helped Seirin train. Kagetora states that he had a short time to teach them, but now his lovely daughter Riko can handle the rest. All he has to do is watch them succeed.

After the tip off, Izuki gets the ball. He recalls Riko’s words—she ordered them to go full power from the start. Imayoshi softly states that there is no need to be so aggressive right from the beginning. Furthermore, they are not looking down on them at all. He recalls Momoi’s words—she instructed them to stop Seirin from taking the lead. On the court, Sakurai intercepts Izuki’s pass to Hyuuga and shoots. However, Hyuuga realizes too late that that wasn’t a shot but actually a pass to Aomine. Aomine effortlessly slams the ball through the hoop, completing the alley-oop. As Kagami runs up to him, Aomine casually states that Kagami just got here—he really is too slow. Piqued, Kagami listens as Imayoshi tells Seirin they just broke Seirin’s “plan”. However, Riko is not surprised. Everyone watches shocked as Kuroko gets the ball and prepares to unleash his new pass-Ignite Pass Kai.

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