Takuma Ōtsuka
Anime | Manga
Ootsuka Takuma
Name Takuma Ōtsuka
Kanji 大塚拓真
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 18
Height 182 cm (6' 0")
Weight 71 kg (157 lbs)
Birthday May 9th, Taurus
Blood type AB
Professional Statistics
Team Nakamiya South High (former)
Position Shooting Guard
Job Captain (former)
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 139
Anime Episode 44
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Takuma Ōtsuka (大塚拓真, Ōtsuka Takuma) is the former captain and shooting guard of Nakamiya South High.


Ōtsuka has long, dark brown hair that reaches his chin and blue eyes. He is of average height and build. He wears the Nakamiya South uniform with the number 4. After the match Seirin High vs Tōō Academy, Ōtsuka is seen spinning a Rubik's Cube on his index finger.


Ōtsuka appears very confident about beating Seirin. He has good sportsmanship as he shakes hands with his opponent, Hyūga, and congratulates him.


Winter Cup

Round 2

Takuma against Hyuga

Takuma against Hyūga

Ōtsuka is first seen leaving the stadium with his team-mates after watching Seirin versus Too. They were surprised and express their worries about how unprepared they are against Seirin. The captain Ōtsuka then replies that it's better as they eliminated a better team and they'll be tired for their next match.[1] The match goes extremely well for Ōtsuka's team, who are more motivated than their opponent. In the second quarter, Ōtsuka receives the ball from Tabata and nails it, widening the gap.[2] After a time out, Seirin's players return to the pitch with slap mark on their faces, which surprises Ōtsuka.

Seirin turns the tide and finally wins at the end at 83-77. Ōtsuka shakes hand with Hyūga, telling him that they believed they could win.


Nakamiya South team heading for the Winter Cup

Nakamiya South team heading for the Winter Cup finals

Ōtsuka is seen heading for the Winter Cup finals with his team-mates.


  • "'Lucky ❤,' is all we need to say."[1]


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