Te... tsu... ya.
Chapter 221
Chapter 221
Title Te... tsu... ya.
Japanese テツヤ
Romanized Tetsuya
Release date July 8, 2013
Anime episode Episode 65
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Te... Tsu... Ya. is the two hundredth and twenty first chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


As the atmosphere intensifies, Momoi comes and attempts to cool everything down. Akashi, gently pushing aside Momoi, challenges Murasakibara to a one-on-one to prove his strength to him-- the first one to 5 baskets must obey the latter's orders. While the other players are worried, Murasakibara accepts Akashi's challenge.

Meanwhile, Sanada, still busy thinking about Aomine's situation earlier on in his office, regrets taking that action and seems very distressful.

Emperor Eye awakening

Under the pressure of losing for the first time, Akashi's Emperor Eye awakens

Not long after the one-on-one commences, Murasakibara blocks Akashi's attempt to score. The match is completely one-sided as Murasakibara is leading 4 – 0. With just one basket required for Murasakibara to triumph, Midorima states that this might be Akashi's first ever loss. Under an enormous amount of pressure, unable to bear his defeat, Akashi awakens his Emperor Eye. As Murasakibara attempts to crossover Akashi, Akashi simply steals Murasakibara's ball and states that his orders are absolute, also implying that he will kill anyone who disobeys his orders. Akashi then ankle breaks Murasakibara as the game ends 5 – 4 in Akashi's favor.

Furious over his defeat, Murasakibara nonetheless relents, saying he will come to practice tomorrow. However Akashi shocks everyone when he states that Murasakibara, Midorima and Kise could play truancy any time they desire, as long as they can achieve victory, also stating that teamwork is nothing but a hindrance for the Generation of Miracles.

Akashi awakes

The other Akashi makes a debut, introducing himself to Kuroko

Hours later, a sad Kuroko shows himself to Akashi, still worrying about Aomine. Akashi then tells him to forget about Aomine and just wants to focus on winning--a cracked plate can never be whole again. Kuroko, then even more distressed, asks Akashi with a face filled with fear: Who are you? Akashi, finally revealing his other self along with his awakened Emperor Eye, tells Kuroko: I am obviously Seijūrō Akashi, Tetsuya. This is the first time Akashi called Kuroko by his first name.

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