Team Jabberwock
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Team Jabberwock
Region United States of America
Captain Nash Gold Jr.
Jersey color Black Green White
USA Streetball Champions

Team Jabberwock (チームジャバウォック Chīmu Jabauokku) is an internationally famous and highly skilled street ball team from the United States of America.


Team Jabberwock is overwhelmingly one of the most famous teams in the world, even outplaying some NBA players. It is composed of exceptional street ball players, all around the same age as a third year level High School player in Japan. However they are all extremely arrogant, even more than the Generation of Miracles, as they always look down on and humiliate their opponents be it off or on the court.

According to Momoi's analysis, the other members of the team are on the same level with the Generation of Miracles but put Gold and Silver into exception, as they are the ones that have the skills beyond anyone, even the Generation of Miracles. Kagetora also mentioned that, besides Gold and Silver, the Jabberwock member Allen is also a genius because his step back isn't something that can be learned overnight.


Streetball matches


Nash Gold Jr.
Nash Gold Anime Mugshot

#4 // PG
Jason Silver
Silver mugshot

#8 // C
Zack mugshot

#12 // PF
Nick mugshot

#6 // SG

#7 // SF


  • The name Jabberwock comes from Lewis Caroll's Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There. A Jabberwock is an evil dragon-like creature from the non-sense poem in the book. It was slain by a boy holding a Vorpal Sword.
  • While living in US, Himuro had heard a dreadful rumor about them.
  • Besides Nash and Jason, the Team Jabberwock members wearing number 6 and 7 have exceptional three-point shooting similar to Midorima.
  • Team Jabberwock's naming theme are derived from metals. Nash Gold Jr., Jason Silver, Nick could be named after Nickel, Allen could be named after Aluminum, and Zack could be named after Zinc.