Team Jabberwock vs Team Strky
Team Jabberwock vs Team Stirky
Type Streetball
Winner Team Jabberwock
Final Score 86-6
Team Jabberwock Team Strky
Notable players
Team Jabberwock Nash Gold Jr.
Jason Silver
Team Strky Yukio Kasamatsu
Kiyoshi Miyaji
Shoichi Imayoshi
Kenichi Okamura
Manga Chapter 276
Previous Seirin vs Rakuzan
Next Team Jabberwock vs Team Vorpal Swords

Team Jabberwock vs Team Strky is a streetball match between a team from the USA and a Japanese university team.



Team Jabberwock, a streetball team from the USA arrives in Japan and are greeted by many reporters, journalists and photographers at the airport. The team are asked on their thoughts on the match before they leave with Kagetora and their interpreter to sightsee Japan before the game.


Gold's dribble

Gold's fast dribble

Jabberwock is in the possession of the ball after the tip-off as the team's point guard, Gold, dribbles the ball towards the opponents basket. Kasamatsu marks Gold and considers what options to take in order to steal the ball and counter. However, Gold dribbles the ball incredibly fast, even for Kasamatsu to see, and hides the ball from Kasamatsu's sight. The ball appears to be behind Gold as he punches it with his elbow to his teammate who scores the first basket. The crowd and Team Strky are both amazed and surprised at their gameplay.[1]

Silver dunks

Silver dunks

As the game progresses, Team Jabberwock's true gameplay is revealed as a ruthless and mocking one. Aomine comments on Jabberwock's teasing and mocking manner of play as they make their opponents seem completely worthless, making even the audience not being able to enjoy the game even if they wanted to. The game continues as one of Jabberwock's players bounces the ball onto Miyaji's head and then passes it to his teammate who, likewise, mockingly plays with the ball.[2] Finally the match ends with a dunk by Silver, with the final score of 86 - 6.


Jabberwock accepts Kagetora's challenge

Jabberwock accepts Kagetora's challenge

Kasamatsu approaches Golf as his team's representative for a handshake to congratulate Team Jabberwock on their victory. A reporter, however, approaches Gold at the same time and asks him on his thoughts on the match. Gold responds by saying that the match almost made him puke and that everyone in Japan should just go die and give up on playing basketball. He compares them to monkeys who unlike humans, cannot sumo wrestle, the same concept applying to basketball. Gold spits on Kasamatsu's outstretched hand as he and his team laugh at the outcome of the match.[3]

An outraged Kagetora approaches Team Jabberwock, proposing a revenge match for the one against Team Strky. Silver is hesitant to agree but is interrupted by his captain Gold who accepts the challenge for his team. In a weeks time, Team Jabberwock is to face Team Vorpal Swords.


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