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Team Strky
Team Strky
Region Tokyo
Captain Shoichi Imayoshi

Team Strky is a street ball university team composed of recently graduated third years: Miyaji (Shūtoku), Imayoshi (Tōō), Higuchi (Rakuzan), Kasamatsu (Kaijō), and Okamura (Yōsen). Their captain is Shoichi Imayoshi.


Streetball matchesEdit


Shōta Higuchi
Shota Higuchi Mugshot

#5 // ? (power forward?)


  • The team's name STRKY is a reference to each player's former high school: Shūtoku, Tōō, Rakuzan, Kaijo, and Yōsen.
  • Strky is pronounced as starky
  • Kasamatsu came up with the team's name


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