Teikō's Eventful After-school (part 3)
Replace PLUS chapter 3
Chapter 3
Title Teikō's Eventful After-school (part 3)
Release date March 24, 2015
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Teikō's Eventful After-school (part 2)
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Teikō's Eventful After-school (part 3) is the third chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke Replace PLUS adaptation of the -Replace- novels.


Momoi finds Kuroko

Momoi finds Kuroko

Momoi and Kuroko are walking towards Kuroko's house while Momoi is thinking of possible topics they could talk about while on their way. Momoi wonders why Akashi asked her to walk home with Kuroko, thinking it's something much more than Akashi knowing she has a crush on him. Momoi was in such deep thought that she didn't even notice Kuroko disappear. She searches for him but finds him near the streetball basketball court at the park, where she scolds him. Kuroko asks for her permission to play, but she denies it right away.

Kuroko and Momoi hear familiar voices behind them, only to find out that they belong to two bullies who had threatened Momoi before at the arcade; however, this time their target is a member of Teiko's third string. The five bullies team up against the lone student who doesn't want to give them his basketball which has special meaning to him.

Kuroko suddenly appears behind the bullies, much to Momoi's surprise and starts defending the Teiko student. Momoi tries to help Kuroko as well but finds herself in a basketball game of three against five, a huge disadvantage in numbers, not to mention none of them is a regular basketball player. However, due to Kuroko's determination to defend Momoi, she agrees to participate despite Kuroko's injury and Akashi's request to watch over him.

Aomine final basket

Aomine finishes the game

The bullies wonder who will catch the ball when suddenly Aomine appears and takes the ball away from the frightened bully. Aomine approaches Kuroko who feels guilty for getting caught up in this situation. Aomine forbids Kuroko to play with him, Kise and Midorima because of his wrist's injury. Kuroko tells him he will play but only with his left hand which is not injured. Aomine smiles and agrees, and the two bump fists before the match begins.

Kuroko thanks Momoi

Kuroko thanks Momoi for accompanying him

Kuroko and his team overwhelm the bullies and win, making them apologize for what they did and return the basketball to its rightful owner. The group then continues their way home; realizing they have gone against Akashi's orders, the group decides to keep it a secret. Murasakibara, however, appears and the group is afraid that he will tell Akashi due to his loyalty to the captain. Kuroko, however, persuades him not to tell as the group continues walking home.

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