Teikō Junior High vs Kamata West Junior High (2 years ago)
Teiko Junior High vs Kamata West Junior High
Type Nationals final
Winner Teikō Junior High
Final Score 81 – 51
Teikō Junior High Kamata West Junior High
Notable players
Teikō Junior High Seijūrō Akashi
Atsushi Murasakibara
Daiki Aomine
Shintarō Midorima
Ryōta Kise
Tetsuya Kuroko
Kamata West Junior High The Genius Twins
Manga Chapters 216 - 218
Previous Teikō vs Yano Kōgyō
Next None

Teikō Junior High vs Kamata West Junior High was the finals of the Nationals during the Generation of Miracles' second year.

During this time, Aomine was on the verge of losing his love for basketball. This game was not a good start for Teikō as Aomine and Kise, who argued with the referee, were accumulating fouls very quickly. The problem was mainly caused by "The Genius Twins" who specialized in "flopping" to fool the referees. At halftime, Teikō's head coach, Kōzō Shirogane talked to Aomine and apologized to him for not being able to guide him properly. Meanwhile, Kuroko promised to Ogiwara that they will win. The match resumed but still Teikō goes one-on-one. Aomine then started dominating as he was not bothered by foul trouble anymore while Kuroko used his misdirection passes to give them the upperhand. At the last quarter, "The Genius Twins" who thought of enforcing Aomine to make his fifth foul to send him off, were surprised that he was sent back to the bench and was subbed by Kise. Eventually, Teikō won by a 30-point margin and were crowned champions of the Nationals for two years straight.

Nationals Trophy

The members of Teikō holding their respective trophies after the finals of the Nationals