Teikō Junior High vs Kamizaki Junior High
Teiko vs Kamizaki
Type Nationals eighth-finals
Winner Teikō Junior High
Final Score 169 – 81
Teikō Junior High Kamizaki Junior High
Notable players
Teikō Junior High Daiki Aomine
Tetsuya Kuroko
Kamizaki Junior High Tomoya Inoue
Manga Chapter 41, Chapter 216
Anime Episode 15
Previous Yoneya vs Teikō
Next Teikō vs Yano Kōgyō

Teikō Junior High vs Kamizaki Junior High was a match between two Junior High schools when the Generation of Miracles were still in their second year.

It was the match when Aomine sought for his worthy rival in the person of Inoue who caused him trouble last year. Aomine was playing serious and dominated the other team, which led to Kamizaki who completely gave up on the match.[1] It was then that Aomine lost his love for the game and began to believe that his only rival is himself.


  • The actual outcome of the match was unknown until Chapter 216 despite the match being first mentioned all the way back at Chapter 41, where a more specific flashback described the fate of these two sides.


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