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Teikō Junior High vs Meikō Junior High
Anime | Manga
Teikō Junior High vs Meikō Junior High
Type Nationals final
Winner Teikō Junior High
Final Score 111 – 11
Teikō Junior High Meikō Junior High
Notable players
Teikō Junior High Seijūrō Akashi
Atsushi Murasakibara
Daiki Aomine
Shintarō Midorima
Ryōta Kise
Meikō Junior High Shigehiro Ogiwara
Reiji Mochida
Manga Chapter 226
Previous Teikō vs Kamata West
Next n/a

Teikō Junior High vs Meikō Junior High was the final of the Nationals during the Generation of Miracles' third and last year. It was a long awaited match between two childhood friends, Kuroko and Ogiwara. However, due to Kuroko's injury in the previous match, he was unable to play.

Due to that Kuroko had Akashi to go all out against Meiko, but Akashi manipulated the points, letting Meiko get 11 points to get a 100 points-margin and set the scoreboard to only show the number '1'.

The entire Meiko Team quit after the game and Kuroko never heard of Ogiwara again, who left him nothing but a black wristband.