Teikō Junior High vs Yōmi Junior High
Teiko vs Yomi
Type Unknown
Winner Teikō Junior High
Final Score 173 – 51
Teikō Junior High Yōmi Junior High
Notable players
Teikō Junior High Daiki Aomine
Yōmi Junior High None
Manga Chapter 41
Anime Episode 15
Previous Haranishi vs Teikō
Next Yoneya vs Teikō

Teikō Junior High vs Yōmi Junior High was a match in Junior High school, while the Generation of Miracles of Teikō were still second years, so two years ago. This was one of the first matches with an awakened Aomine, who scored at least 50 points.[1]


  1. Kuroko no Basuke chapter 41, page 8

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