That's All It Is
Chapter 176
Chapter 176, Volume 20
Title That's All It Is
Soredake no Kotoda yo
Release date July 30, 2012
Anime episode Episode 54
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That's All It Is is the one hundred and seventy-sixth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Midorima sinks two consecutive threes after that, electrifying the crowd. Murasakibara and Himuro make their own analyses about the plays.In the next play, Akashi gets the ball. As Takao faces him, he thinks that Akashi is just a first year like him. He recalls how Coach Nakatani told him he would be Akashi’s mark. He comically replied that he wouldn’t be able to do it. Kimura angrily asserts that Takao should take this seriously. Takao answered that if Midorima is afraid of Akashi, it will be impossible for him to hold his ground. Piqued, Midorima interrupted that he is not afraid of Akashi. Presently, Takao tells himself to concentrate intently. Nevertheless, Akashi gets past him and passes to Nebuya who dunks the ball in. Himuro asks Murasakibara if Akashi really was the captain of Teiko’s Generation of Miracles. Murasakibara responds affirmatively.

With the score tied at 16, the first quarter ends. Takao wonders that Akashi is a good point guard, but he can’t understand why he is special. On Rakuzan’s bench, Coach Eiji Shirogane tells the boys that things are going well—if anything has to change, they are to follow Akashi’s orders. On Shutoku’s bench, Coach Nakatani explains that Akashi is taking things slowly just like a shogi player—after testing the waters, he will make his move.

Before the 2nd quarter begins, Midorima tells Akashi not to take them lightly—he won’t be able to win unless he uses his “eye”. Akashi responds that he can’t use his trump card so easily; furthermore, it is possible that the game will end without him even having to, offending Midorima.

When the game resumes, Reo Mibuchi and a silver haired boy double team Midorima. Takao is unable to pass to him, so he passes to Miyaji. Hayama excitedly faces him, but Miyaji speedily gets past him and passes to Otsubo who scores. Hayama’s teammates then yell at him for letting Miyaji get past him. Akashi is about to sub him out when Hayama apologetically asks him not to get angry—he will be sure to return the favor in the next play.

When Miyaji faces Hayama, Hayama remarks that he will go with “three fingers”. A stunned Miyaji watches as Hayama reveals his special technique-power dribbling. Simultaneously, Akashi proclaims there is no need for him to get his hands dirty while his "Generals" are around.

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