That's Exactly What I Want.
Chapter 93
Chapter 93, Volume 11
Title That's Exactly What I Want.
Japanese 望むところです
Romanized Nozomu Tokoro desu
Anime episode Episode 32
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That's Exactly What I Want. is the ninety-third chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kiyoshi blames himself for missing the final shot. Everyone, however, responds that they have no regrets. After the game, Midorima asks Kagami if he’s satisfied with the result. Kagami says he isn’t—they’ll both play each other next time and settle the score. Takao tells Kuroko that they’ll meet again in the winter. Kuroko responds that he’ll look forward to it.

Meanwhile, Kirisaki Dai Ichi defeats Senshinkan using their usual dirty tricks. Hanamiya is not surprised that Seirin advanced—those “goody two shoes” make him sick, and all he wants to do is crush them.

Later, Riko enters Seirin’s locker room without knocking, upsetting most of the boys. She waves away their complaints and tells them to get ready to leave.

Simultaneously, Midorima is getting a drink from the vending machine when Momoi and Kise join him. They congratulate him on the game, but he reminds them about Seirin’s upcoming game. Both of them realize Seirin will be playing “Bad Boy” Hanamiya. Midorima adds that there’s no telling what he’s plotting.

When Midorima arrives at his rickshaw (which Takao conveniently drives), he finds Tetsuya #2. His presence garners different reaction from each of them: Kise feels like he knows him; Midorima is feeling irritated just by looking at him, and Momoi is overwhelmed by his “cuteness”. Unfortunately, Tetsuya #2 had a little “accident” in Midorima’s rickshaw. Piqued, Midorima tells Momoi to hand him over so he can “shoot” him (into the dustbin probably). Momoi promptly refuses to do such a thing. Luckily, Kuroko shows up; he explains that this is his dog, and they were all looking for him. Seeing their similarities in their features, Momoi faints. Takao also arrives to take Midorima back; before leaving, Midorima tells Kuroko they’ll play again in the winter. Kise then carries Momoi back.

Finally, Kiyoshi and Hyuuga are talking in the locker room. Hyuuga states that he’s always reckless and asks him not to play in the game against Kirisaki Dai Ichi. Kiyoshi yells back that he’ll play even if his knee breaks—this year is his last chance.

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