That's Talent For Ya
Chapter 55
Chapter 55, Volume 7
Title That's Talent For Ya
Kore ga Jitsuryoku da
Release date December 14, 2009
Anime episode Episode 20
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That's Talent For Ya is the fifty-fifth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kagami and Kiyoshi play one-on-one; the others watch, observing that they are almost evenly matched. Simultaneously, in Shutoku’s gym, Takao questions Ootsubo about a Seirin player that he doesn’t recognize who has been featured in last year’s basketball monthly. Ootsubo tells him if “he” (Kiyoshi) had been there, Shutoku would have lost to Seirin. This shocks Takao since last year Seirin didn’t have Kuroko or Kagami. He asks Midorima about it; Midorima states he knows him although Kuroko doesn’t since they played him before Kuroko joined the team. Just like Kuroko in the recent game against Tōō Academy, in the face of overwhelming odds, he refused to give up. When Takao hears this, he bursts out laughing. He tells a flustered Midorima he knew Midorima went to watch the game.

After Kagami wins, he leaves since practice is over. Kiyoshi tells Hyuuga and the others that this is the best he could do at his “current level”. Hyuuga tells him he doesn’t want to hear that; plus, Kiyoshi should notice he’s wearing his indoor shoes. Everyone is left speechless.

On the way home from practice, Hyuuga buys Kiyoshi a drink, congratulating him on his release from the hospital. They talk about Kuroko and Kagami. Kiyoshi states that he understands their worries since he once also hit a wall. But he believes, once they tear it down, they’ll only get stronger.

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