That's Tea
Chapter 41
Chapter 41, Volume 5
Title That's Tea
Ocha desu
Release date September 21, 2009
Anime episode Episode 15
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That's Tea is the forty-first chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kuroko tells Kagami that they’ll talk while walking back. In middle school, they were not amazing players. However, Aomine blossomed first in their second year. During the games against Youmi and Yoneya, Aomine racked up point after point all by himself. No one could stop him. The other Generation of Miracles also couldn’t believe his strength. Walking home, Kise states that Aomine must be having so much fun playing like that. However, Midorima states it’s the opposite—since Aomine loves the game the most, he must be disappointed because no one can rival him.

Kuroko and Aomine walk home together. Kuroko asks Aomine why he’s skipping practice. Aomine answers that it’s all right. The more he practices, the more boring basketball gets. Plus, he’s also deciding to start skipping games as well. Putting his ice down Aomine’s back, Kuroko tells him he can’t do that. It’s true that he can’t understand how Aomine feels. However, he would never want, as Aomine’s opponent, want Aomine to go easy on him. Furthermore, he’s sure that a truly great player will show up eventually to rival Aomine. Shocked by his outburst, Aomine fist bumps Kuroko and agrees with him.

However, in the match against another power forward Inoue, Aomine sees that all of the players have given up and have no desire to even try and engage him. Crushed by despair, Aomine tells Kuroko he tried, but it’s no good—the only one who can beat him is he himself.

Kuroko ends the story. That year, Teiko swept the tournament because of Aomine’s strength. Everyone else also became more powerful after that. However, Kagami is increasingly annoyed. Imitating Aomine’s famous one-liner, he yells out loud that Aomine shouldn’t get ahead of himself. He states that Aomine can “boil coffee in his belly”; Kuroko corrects him by telling him the word is tea instead of coffee. Fist bumping with Kuroko, he tells Kuroko that they should go and bring Aomine back to his senses.

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The chapter title refers to a Japanese idiom. “Tea boiling in the belly” is equivalent to “the joke of the century”.