That's The Trap
Chapter 104
Chapter 104, Volume 12
Title That's The Trap
Sore ga Wana ya
Anime episode Episode 35
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That's The Trap is the one hundredth and fourth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Seirin swaps out Kuroko with Koganei; Koganei’s mark is No. 8 (Yamazaki). Kise comments that Kuroko can’t use his misdirection throughout the game, so he has to rest. Yamazaki continues to yell at Hara, but Hanamiya tells them to stop—he wasn’t expecting much. Then Hanamiya tells Kentaro Seto to enter the game. Sakurai comments that Kirisaki Dai Ichi’s coach must really trust Hanamiya. Imayoshi explains that Hanamiya is both coach and captain.

When the game resumes, Seirin wonders what Hanamiya is planning. The new center is not so powerful; however, Izuki’s passes suddenly start getting intercepted by Hanamiya. Kirisaki Dai Ichi quickly scores several times. Furuhashi tells Hyuuga Seirin won’t be scoring anymore—they are caught in the spider’s web; now they’ll just die a slow death.

Watching the situation, Imayoshi states that Seirin is in trouble. Hanamiya is a genius; he explains that when they attended the same middle school, he always did well on exams without even studying. He has completely analyzed Seirin’s attack style; coordinating with Seto, he has guaranteed that he will be able to steal the ball 100%. The more Seirin struggles, the more they suffer. Their anger over Kiyoshi’s injuries also makes them fall deeper into the trap. Hanamiya really deserves the title of “Bad Boy”.

When the third quarter ends, Seirin is silent. On Seirin’s bench, everyone is extremely frustrated. Riko also thinks that Hyuuga hasn’t scored once in this game. Kuroko says there may be a way for them to break free-if he stops playing with the team. Everyone is astounded by his suggestion.

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