That's Why I Decided
Chapter 102
Chapter 102, Volume 12
Title That's Why I Decided
Dakara Ore wa Kimetanda
Anime episode Episode 34
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I'll Definitely Beat You
You'll Lose

That's Why I Decided is the one hundredth and second chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


On the next rebound, Hara tries to pin Kagami's foot again but this time he anticipates this and dodges it. However, Hara elbows him in the abdomen and successfully scores; this act causes Kagami to lose his temper, and he attempts to punch Hara. Luckily, he is interrupted by Kuroko. As he tries to talk to him, Kuroko tells Kagami he'll just throw away everything because of his selfish whim and tells him that he should beat them with basketball. Kagami calms down and apologizes to the seniors.

After Riko punches Kagami, Kiyoshi volunteers to defend against Kirisaki Dai Ichi in the inside, causing an enraged Hyuuga to protest--this position will be the focus of all their attacks. Then Riko supports Hyuuga's protest since she's already worried about his injured knee and decides to substitute him. However, Kiyoshi tells her that this is the reason he came back and threatens to curse her if she replaces him now.

The match continues, and Kiyoshi is in his position despite being attacked ruthlessly as he defends the inside. Agitated, Hanamiya tries to injure Kiyoshi again but this time the latter manages to get up and declares that he promised to defend his team.

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