That’s Enough
Chapter 261
Chapter 261
Title That’s Enough
Release date May 14, 2014
Anime episode Episode 72
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That’s Enough is the two hundreth and sixty-first chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga. 


Akashi overwhelms Seirin

Akashi overwhelms Seirin

The Generation of Miracles along with Momoi are overwhelmed and shocked to see Akashi enter the Zone. After stealing the ball, Akashi makes his way to the other side of the court, but Kagami races after Akashi. However, the distance between the two just gets further as Akashi is even faster. Izuki and Hyuuga then attempt to stop Akashi, but both get down on their knees by the Akashi's Ankle Break. Then, Kiyoshi and Kuroko try to stop Akashi, but both get fooled by Akashi's fake, and the latter gets past the two, and he makes the basket. Rakuzan is now up by 12, 78 - 90.

Seirin immediately takes a time out. While in the time out, Kagami decides to take on Akashi himself, with his core teammates supporting his decision since when it comes to facing the Generation of Miracles, the Seirin team hands the game to their ace, Kagami. As they put their hands on him, the whole Seirin team entrusts the game to Kagami.

Kagami ready to face Akashi again

Kagami is ready to face Akashi again

In the audience, Imayoshi asks Aomine what the latter meant about going deep into the Zone. Aomine explains that when one enters the Zone, there is a huge door and when it is opened, one is like submerging into the water. As one's concentration grows, one sinks deeper and deeper until one really reaches the Zone. However, there is another huge door there, and a faceless "Gate-keeper" stands in front of it. Aomine states that he himself has never opened that second door, but he knows that after opening it, one would enter a Zone that surpasses the first Zone. If Kagami wants to defeat Akashi, he will have to open the second door.

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