That Ain't All, Is It?
Chapter 29
Chapter 29, Volume 4
Title That Ain't All, Is It?
Sonna Mon Janee Daro
Release date June 29, 2009
Anime episode Episode 11
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That Ain't All, Is It? is the twenty-nineth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


The first quarter is over. Riko asks Kuroko if Midorima has always been able to shoot like that. Kuroko answers this is the first time he has seen him shoot from across the full court; he knew he could shoot from the half-court line. Everyone on the Seirin bench is worried. On the Shutoku bench, Midorima insists that they should let him have the ball entirely; the third years are surprised at his “selfishness” but Nakatani agrees. Once the game resumes, Kuroko first tries to stop Midorima; however, he is still unable to break free from Takao. Kagami realizes Midorima isn’t just good at shooting but fast as well.

As he shoots, Midorima remembers their past. When they were younger (Teiko Middle School Basketball Team), and they were talking outside the convenience store, Kise commented that the best shot is the dunk because it’s the most fun. Midorima retorted that that’s why he’s no good. A dunk is only worth two points; it’s worthless against his threes. Kuroko asked Midorima if he’s a child to think like that. Midorima replied that one day he’ll prove to Kuroko how right he is.

Presently, since Kagami is unable to score, the second years work together to score. Still unfazed, Midorima tells Seirin to give up. He once again shoots from the full court line. Kagami jumps to try and block him but is unable to. As he watches the shot, Hyuuga feels that their spirits are going to break. However, Kise is watching Kagami who’s acting strangely. He feels his power is just awakening.

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