That Is What I Mean By 'Man Proposes'
Chapter 34
Chapter 34, Volume 4
Title That Is What I Mean By 'Man Proposes'
Sore ga Jinji wo Tsukusu to Iu Koto da
Release date August 3, 2009
Anime episode Episode 13
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That Is What I Mean By 'Man Proposes' is the thirty-fourth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Shutoku takes their last time out; only two minutes are left in the game. Nakatani tells them to slow their pace down. The other players should all focus on passing to Midorima. When the third years object, he stops them; this is what happens when a school acquires one of the Generation of Miracles. When the game resumes and Miyagi passes to Midorima, Riko says she thought they would do that. By thinking that Kagami can’t jump, they are basically telling Seirin where they will pass. Kuroko quickly passes the ball to Hyuuga; however, Oostubo stops him from scoring. Shutoku’s goal is to defend until they can find an opening to let Midorima score.

Kise and Kasamatsu continue to discuss the game. Kise thought that Shutoku would speed up, but they didn’t. Suddenly Midorima gets the ball and scores with one minute left in the game. Now Seirin is five points behind. Hyuuga shoots a three and scores. With only fifteen seconds left, Oostubo marks Hyuuga. He acknowledges Seirin’s strength, but they won’t let Seirin win. All of Seirin’s second years recall last year’s defeat and how hard they worked to get here. Kagami blocks Oostubo, so Hyuuga can score a three again. The score is now 82-81. Seirin thinks they’ve won, but Midorima gets the ball from Takao in the last three seconds. He tells them why he always insists on shooting buzzer beaters—he always is doing the very best he can. This is what he means by “Man Proposes, God Disposes”.

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