That Was Bad
Chapter 244
Chapter 244
Title That Was Bad
Akan Yaro
Release date December 25, 2013
Anime episode Episode 69
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A Miracle Won't Happen

That Was Bad is the two hundredth and forty-forth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


The showdown between the centers commences. Nebuya gets a rebound by using his raw power alone. Kiyoshi is unable to match him. In the next play, Hayama gets the ball; Kagami rushes toward him, yelling his name. Irritated, Hayama tells Kagami he forgot to add “senpai” to his name—next time, he better not forget it.

Hayama passes to Nebuya, and he explosively dunks the ball through the hoop. In the stands, Murasakibara is surprised, whereas Himuro is shocked by Nebuya’s strength. Back on the court, Izuki thinks that Kiyoshi and Nebuya are playing a game of “push and shove” under the net. Kiyoshi is also sweating a lot which proves how hard it is for him to face Nebuya.

Kiyoshi then asks Izuki to pass to him. When he faces Nebuya he thinks he won’t lose. Just when he is about to shoot, he uses his Right of Postponement and passes to Hyuuga who scores. However, Imayoshi comments that what Kiyoshi did was bad. Kiyoshi did not choose to pass—he “had” to pass. To prove his point, Imayoshi directs his teammates’ attention to the scoreboard (Seirin 35-50 Rakuzan). Since the difference is increasing, it means there is a difference in power. Imayoshi also comments on Aomine’s previous statement. Imayoshi corrects him, stating it is more like a lion facing a house fly. Akashi is simply ignoring the first year. Furthermore, Izuki has not been able to completely seal Mayuzumi.

Back on the court, Mayuzumi enters the Eagle Eye’s blind spot to help pass. He tells a stunned Izuki that he can’t believe Izuki forgot he was there. After Rakuzan scores, Imayoshi concludes that Seirin is a good team, but in order to pull off miracles, they need Kuroko.

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