The Final 4th Quarter!!!
Chapter 130
Chapter 130, Volume 15
Title The Final 4th Quarter!!!
Saishuu Dai Yon Kuootaa!!!
Anime episode Episode 41
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Yeah... I Have Faith

The Final 4th Quarter!!! is the one hundredth and thirtieth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


There is a six point difference before the end of the third quarter. However, Imayoshi unexpectedly shoots a three pointer. Everyone on Seirin watches horrified as he scores. From the upper balcony, Hanamiya scoffs, stating that Imayoshi is the sort of person who has the ability to get “nasty” jobs done—this shot will really dampen Seirin’s spirits. Riko thinks that it’s no wonder Tōō Academy’s called the “Tyrant Runner-up of the Interhigh”. Kasamatsu tells Kaijo’s members that this shot is sure to bring back some bad memories.

During the break, Riko notes Kuroko’s exhaustion Kiyoshi also has his knee re-taped and hopes to last until the end. Hyuuga calls him an idiot—he states Kiyoshi always is over thinking things; he should depend more on his teammates. Hyuuga tells everyone Kagetora’s words—he’s sorry he pushed them so hard, but Seirin is unquestionably strong. As they step onto the court, Hyuuga declares that they are going to win.

On Tōō Academy’s bench, Momoi’s voice suddenly interrupts Aomine’s thoughts. She tells him to hurry up—they are starting again and asks him if he listened to the instructions. He apologizes, saying he wasn’t listening and also steps out.

When the 4th quarter begins, the score is 62-73 in favor of Tōō Academy. Hyuuga immediately scores a three pointed with Barrier Jumper, and Sakurai is unable to stop him. Meanwhile, observing Aomine, Momoi recalls a Teiko game. Midorima, Kuroko, and Murasakibara scolded Aomine when he wasn’t paying attention. He laughed good-naturedly, saying he always gets like this in front of a strong opponent. Nevertheless, he assured them he would definitely win. Presently, Momoi feels that Aomine has returned to his old self as she sees him facing Kagami.

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