The Light of Seirin
Chapter 163
Chapter 163, Volume 19
Title The Light of Seirin
Seirin no Eesu (Hikari)
Release date April 30, 2012
Anime episode Episode 49
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The Light of Seirin (chapter) is the one hundred and sixty-third chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kasamatsu comments that it is rare to see Kise helping the enemy. Kise smiles, saying he wants to play Murasakibara too; however, he feels that if Seirin loses here, then he will be on a losing streak.

Seirin calls a time out, and Izuki tells Koganei it was well called. Hyuuga looks around and asks where Riko is. Koganei informs him that she went with Kiyoshi to the infirmary, shocking them. He then relays Riko’s message—she wants Kuroko, Izuki, and Hyuuga to triple team Himuro; Mitobe and Kagami will defend the inside. Kagami concedes that he couldn’t do what Murasakibara was doing, and he will stick to the paint. As they walk out, Hyuuga questions Kuroko about Kagami’s behavior. Kuroko answers that it is all right; right now, Kagami resembles “him”.

On the court, Kagami block Liu’s shot, but Okamura manages to dunk it in. Kagami then stops Okamura’s shot, but Murasakibara dunks it in.

Meanwhile, agonizing screams come out of the Medical Office. Riko helps Kiyoshi regain his strength and instructs to just replenish his strength—then he will be good to guy. She is about to return to the court when Kiyoshi asks her to stay a minute longer with him. Plus, she doesn’t need to worry—the seconds years are reliable, and Seirin has an unbeatable light and dark supporting them.

On the court, watching Kagami, Murasakibara thinks that Kagami’s movements have changed.Fukui also notes that they are applying pressure, but Seirin is giving him chills. Watching Kagami from the sidelines, Kaijo comments on how well Kagami is playing; Kise smiles confidently too.
Kagami continues to play well, and an annoyed Murasakibara can’t take it anymore. Murasakibara suddenly intercepts Izuki’s pass and charges down the court. Hyuuga rushes after him when he sees Kagami sprint past him. He recalls Kuroko’s words—“Kagami now looks like Aomine when he is on fire”. Shocking everyone, Kagami stops Murasakibara’s shot. Proving that he is Seirin’s ace and light, Kagami reveals he is in the Zone.

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