The Lion And The Rabbit
Chapter 213
Chapter 213, Volume 24
Title The Lion And The Rabbit
Shishi Hakuto
Release date May 13, 2013
Anime episode Episode 64
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I Feel Like I Can't Lose
I'm Looking Forward To It!

The Lion And The Rabbit is the two hundred and thirteenth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


The unstoppable scorer awakens.

While Aomine is scoring in games, he notices how depressed the opposing team feels when he scores. One day, when he and Tetsu are walking home together, Kuroko mentions how well he’s been playing recently. Aomine tries to talk to him about what his feelings, but he stops. Instead, he states he’s noticed that lately Tetsu has been staring at people recently. Kuroko answers that he’s studying people’s behavioral patterns, so he can apply it to his misdirection. This way he’s training full time to improve his skills.

Momoi suddenly comes to them and instantly hugs Tetsu. Piqued, Aomine tells her to stop, saying he thought Kise was the only “clingy one”. Kuroko also politely asks her to let go. He then says he can read Momoi as well—he states she’s the type who makes direct eye contact when speaking to someone. While Momoi is speechlessly overjoyed that she and Tetsu “gaze” at each other, Aomine is impressed and openly questions if Tetsu knows his habits as well. Kuroko replies that Aomine averts his eyes from him when he’s lying. Although Aomine is slightly embarrassed, Kuroko reassures him that he’s here if Aomine wants to talk to him about it.

Kise unexpectedly calls out that he “found them” and invited them all to go and eat ice cream together. Momoi, however, responds that she has to do some data-gathering for Akashi. Murasakibara states he’s noticed that she’s doing that a lot for Akashi recently. She happily replies that she’s found something that even she is good at. Aomine tells her “see you”, and they all leave together. When Aomine playfully pushes Kise, Momoi smiles as she watches them walk away.

Coaches Sanada and Kouzou Shirogane talk as they watch the team practice. Shirogane analyzes that the “Generation of Miracles” are still evolving. They truly have a wonderful team this year: starting members with unlimited potential; veteran third years on the bench; a manager who excels at scouting; and, an unusual and unpredictable sixth man.

The National Interschool Basketball Tournament’s preliminaries begin. On day one, Teiko faces Kadooka Middle School. They claim an overwhelming victory, and they continue to win after that.

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  • This chapter’s opening pages are in color.
  • The title of this chapter is based on a Japanese idiom. It means no matter how trivial a task might seem, one should approach it with the respect and diligence that one would apply fro a monumental task.