The True Light
Volume 21
Publication date February 4, 2013 [1]
Published by Shueisha
ISBN 978-4-08-870618-4 [1]
Cover character(s) Taiga Kagami
Tetsuya Kuroko
Kōki Furihata
Publication Order
Preceded by
I Don't Know
Followed by
Don't Underestimate Us!!
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The True Light is the twenty-first volume of the Kuroko no Basuke manga series.


Midorima’s complete faith in his teammates surprises everyone. Furthermore, this overwhelming belief results in the creation of a new technique between Takao and himself. However, as Akashi proves, this is still not enough to defeat Rakuzan. Although Shutoku doesn’t give up, Akashi defeats them, and he announces that the era of the King of the East is over.


Major story events


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