The True Light
Chapter 189
Chapter 189, Volume 21
Title The True Light
Shin no Hikari
Release date November 5, 2012
Anime episode Episode 58
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It's Pointless To Say Anything
That's Why I'll Go All Out

The True Light is the one hundred and eighty-nineth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Izuki recalls what Kagetora-san told him about his new technique. Hyuuga and Riko both decide that they have no choice but to believe in him.

In the next play, Kasamatsu apologizes to Izuki—he underestimated him. Izuki smiles, replying that it would be bad if Kasamatsu thought all he did was make good puns. Confused, Kasamatsu questions when Izuki made any puns, surprising the latter. Izuki then comes at Kasamatsu aggressively. Himuro analyzes that Izuki is applying an enormous amount of pressure, and it is impossible for Kasamatsu to make a move. Kasamatsu thinks if he speeds up he can beat him, but Izuki doesn’t give him a chance. Furthermore, he may also be trapped by Kuroko if he tries anything too risky. Relenting, Kasamatsu concludes that he has no choice but to rely on their ace. Kise faces Kagami, feeling that the latter’s expression and aura have changed from earlier in the game. As he drives forward and shoots, he suddenly feels pain shoot through his leg, and Kagami blocks his shot.

In the next play, Kagami rapidly gets past Hayakawa and jumps to score. However, Kise suddenly arrives and manages to slap the ball away. Energized, Kise and Kagami tell Kasamatsu and Izuki respectively to continue to give the ball to them in the next plays. In the stands, Himuro tells Murasakibara that this match will be decided in a single moment.

Meanwhile, Aomine thoughtfully asks Momoi if she believes in destiny. Stunned, Momoi worriedly asks Aomine if he is all right and hurriedly checks if he has a fever. Annoyed, he assures her that he is fine. Seriously, he then tells her that he feels that the Generation of Miracles and Tetsu all meeting at Teiko was not a coincidence. First, they played together; then they all became enemies. Finally, the miracle who wasn’t a miracle, the last to awaken, showed up to challenge them. He then transformed into the true light who joined forces with the shadow of destiny to defeat them.

Back on the court, Kagami defeats Kise and announces that it is his victory. An insulted Kise smirks, cursing Kagami (“Kono yaro”).

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