They'll Get Devoured
Chapter 197
Chapter 197, Volume 22
Title They'll Get Devoured
Nomikoma reru zo
Release date January 16, 2013
Anime episode Episode 61
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They'll Get Devoured is the one hundred and ninety-seventh chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


During the timeout, Kuroko informs Seirin that he believes that he has a plan to stop Kise. On Kaijo’s bench, the entire team is uplifted by Kise’s comeback. Kasamatsu even notes that Kise’s intense focus makes it impossible to even talk to him. After hearing Kuroko’s plan, Hyuuga instructs everyone to follow it to the letter—there is no more room for any mistakes of any kind.

When the game resumes, Kagami has the ball as he faces Kise. Using Akashi’s Emperor Eye, Kise suddenly knocks the ball out of Kagami’s hands. Hayakawa rushes for it, but Kuroko intercepts it, and he passes to Hyuuga. As Hyuuga shoots a three, Moriyama grazes the ball with his finger. Furthermore, Kiyoshi loses the rebound to Kobori. He gets the ball to Kasamatsu. He then passes to Kise. However, everyone, on and off the court, is shocked when Kuroko steps up to mark Kise. Seirin desperately thinks that Kuroko is the only one who can stop the Perfect Copy. Kise thinks to himself that he doesn’t know what Kuroko is planning, but it is probably the same play as before with Kagami waiting for him when he gets past Kuroko. Then Kuroko will knock the ball out of his hands with a back tip.

Kise declares that that won’t work this time. Kuroko, however, expresses that it is not the same technique—a jarred Kise watches as Izuki’s hand suddenly reaches for the ball. Aomine and Himuro realize that they triple teamed Kise—they would use Izuki’s Eagle Spear to steal the ball. Nonetheless, Kise keeps his composure, and he uses Kuroko’s high level spin pass to get the ball to Kasamatsu. He then passes back to Kise as the latter breaks free from the trio. When Kise is about to score, Kagami furiously jumps as well to block his shot. However, he fails to stop him and falls heavily to the floor. Kise declares that no matter what they try, it is futile—no one can stop him now.

Himuro calculates that if Seirin doesn't do something, they will be devoured by Kaijo in an instant.

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