They're All Crazy is the forty-eighth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


When the third quarter begins, Kise and Midorima notice that Kuroko is benched. Midorima comments that Seirin has no choice since he played in the entire first half. However, Kise thinks that it’s a risky gamble.

As soon as the game begins, Aomine begins his attack. He notices that Kagami has a nice aura, but he adds that it’s not enough. Kagami is unable to match Aomine’s speed, and Aomine scores. As Midorima and Kise watch, Midorima comments that out of all the Generation of Miracles, Aomine’s “agility” is the best. Still, Kagami is determined not to give up and counters quickly. He jumps to try to dunk the ball in, but Aomine blocks it. Although he mocks Kagami, Aomine wonders if he was seriously trying to dunk after jumping from the free throw line. Out loud, Aomine states this is boring; honest basketball just isn’t his style. Kagami faces him once again. However, when he sees Aomine’s style, he realizes it’s akin to street ball-a style he encountered in the States. Kagami stumbles and falls down as Aomine dribbles ahead. Mitobe, Tsuchida, and Hyuuga try to block his shot, but Aomine effortlessly scores from behind the hoop. After seeing him score such an unbelievable shot, Seirin is overwhelmed by his power.

Characters in order of appearance

Matches featured

Techniques used

  • Daiki Aomine's speed and agility
  • Daiki Aomine's flexible streetball


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