They're Monsters! is the seventy-first chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Aomine and Kise are now completely fired up. They incessantly score against each other. Kise copies Aomine’s moves one after the other. Kiyoshi notes that for around nine minutes, the score has been see-sawing. Furthermore, both teams are thoroughly exhausted. When Kise almost misses a shot, he realizes he can’t lose focus for a second; plus, he feels like he’s getting a headache. Looking at Kise, Aomine admits to himself that he’s good; however, Kise has no chance against him.

In the next play, Sakurai misses a crucial pass. Kise suddenly grabs the ball and bolts down the court. Kiyoshi states that this is the moment the game will be decided—if Kise can score now, Kaijo can win the quarter finals.

Characters in order of appearance

Matches featured

Techniques used


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