They're Out Of Options
Chapter 127
Chapter 127, Volume 15
Title They're Out Of Options
Bansaku Tsukita
Anime episode Episode 41
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They're Out Of Options is the one hundredth and twenty-seventh chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Aomine tells Kagami that they should begin playing seriously as well. Kuroko tries to come to his aid, but Imayoshi stops him. Kagami realizes that he’ll have to stop Aomine himself. At this moment, Kagami feels a shiver of utter defeat flow through him. At the same time, Aomine scolds him, stating he should pay more attention. Stealing the ball, he races down the court. He easily gets past Hyuuga and jumps to shoot. Kagami arrives in the nick of time and jumps to block his shot. Suddenly, Aomine spins 360° in mid air and scores, shocking the crowd and Seirin.

In the stands, Takao is astounded by the play and wonders why Kagami wasn’t able to stop him. Midorima voices his thoughts and states that Kagami isn’t the only one who possesses animal instincts—Aomine does as well.

On the court, Kagami watches Aomine as he runs back—he realizes just what an amazing player Aomine is. In the next play, Kiyoshi gets the rebound, but the ball is stolen from him. Seirin realizes that Momoi’s data about them has completely shut them down. On the bench, Furihata desperately suggests that Kuroko could change the pass course just like he did in the game against Kirisaki Dai Ichi. However, Riko replies that Kuroko can’t do that since he is unable to escape from his mark.

The gap widens, and the score is 56-70 in favor of Tōō Academy. The crowd starts murmuring negatively against Seirin. Aloud, an upset Kise tells his Kaijo teammates that Seirin can still make a comeback. Kasamatsu, however, says that that is impossible. Directing Kise’s attention to the court, he shows Kise that Susa is now marking Kuroko, shocking Kise. Seirin is completely exhausted—furthermore, Kuroko’s misdirection has run out.

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