They're So Alike
Chapter 39
Chapter 39, Volume 5
Title They're So Alike
Sokkuri dane
Release date September 7, 2009
Anime episode Episode 14
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They're So Alike is the thirty-nineth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kagami tells Aomine he doesn’t feel like playing with rude people. Aomine laughs derisively and tells him he doesn’t care how Kagami feels. He isn’t looking for something that doesn’t exist like a player who is better than him. He just wants to see how much Kagami will be able to entertain him since he’s bored right now. Kagami notes that all of the Generation of Miracles love to irritate him. Out loud, he tells Aomine he’ll crush him.

Back at the gym, Seirin’s players discuss their exhausting practice. Hyuuga can’t believe they met Teiko’s manager. Kuroko and Momoi continue to talk by the pool. She compliments him on the great match Seirin played against Midorima. She adds softly that the next time they meet they will be on different sides. Flashback: All of the Generation of Miracles are playing a game during their Teiko years. Kise can’t believe how well Aomine and Kuroko are working together. Midorima explains that the rest of them aren’t weak—it’s just that since Kuroko is a shadow, he shines brightest with the strongest (Aomine). Aomine laughs and says he can’t understand it, but he knows that he and Tetsu play basketball well together.

Tōō Academy's players are introduced. Imayoshi wonders where Aomine is. Wakamatsu is annoyed that he missed practice again. They question Sakurai, who is in Aomine’s class, about his whereabouts. He apologizes hurriedly; he doesn’t know where Aomine is. However since Momoi isn’t here as well, Imayoshi isn’t worried.

The scene goes back to Kuroko and Momoi. She remarks that the way Kuroko played with Aomine was the best. She thought, now, if anyone could defeat Aomine, he would change. However, he’s too strong. Kuroko asks Momoi is Aomine will change if he loses.

The scene goes to Kagami and Aomine. Kagami is shocked and exhausted; he couldn’t defeat Aomine. Aomine is severely disappointed. He can’t believe Kagami defeated Midorima. He tells Kagami his light is too dim, and he’ll be able to draw out Kuroko’s true power.

Momoi thanks Riko and leaves. Just before leaving, Kuroko promises Momoi that he’ll bring Aomine back to the way he was. He won’t be fighting alone—he has Kagami. Outside, Momoi meets Aomine. She yells at him, saying she told him not to play Kagami since he hasn’t healed yet. Aomine answers that even without the injury, Kagami is still a loser. He adds that Tetsu must have become blind to choose him as his new light.

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Tōō Academy's top players-Captain Shoichi Imayoshi, Center Kōsuke Wakamatsu, and Ryō Sakurai are introduced in this chapter.