This Is Mine
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Episode 52
Episode 52
Title This Is Mine
Ore no Mon Da
Air date January 17, 2015
Manga chapters Chapter 171 and 172
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This Is Mine (オレのもんだ, Ore no Mon Da) is the fifty-second episode and the second episode of the 3rd season of the Kuroko no Basuke anime.


Kise faces Haizaki anime

Kise vs. Haizaki

Kise and Haizaki face each other head-to-head for the right to advance to face Seirin. At first it seems that Kise and Haizaki have the same copy ability as Haizaki is able to start duplicating Kise's teammates moves. However once Haizaki has duplicated a move, the original user seems to be unable to use it. Kuroko reveals that Haizaki uses psychological warfare against his opponents. While he copies the moves of the individual, he also alters the timing of the move.

When the original user tries to do the move again, they try to do so with the new timing and ultimately fail. Kise and his teammates fall further behind as the second half begins. Can Kise find a move that Haizaki can't use and somehow manage to turn things around, or is his team headed for certain defeat?

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Manga and Anime Differences

  • During the first flashback, Murasakibara is seen covering his meal, which is excluded in the manga.
  • The match was greatly extended in the anime.
  • Kuroko explained Haizaki's skill at a later time.
  • Kise's matches with Haizaki is extended in the anime during their years in Teikō Junior High, which was excluded in the manga.