This Is The Final Play
Chapter 273
Chapter 273
Title This Is The Final Play
Kore ga Saigo no Purei da
Release date August 6, 2014
Anime episode Episode 75
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This Is The Final Play is the two hundreth and seventy-third chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga. 


Hyuga uses Earth

Hyūga copies Mibuchi's Earth

After stealing the ball, Izuki is in the possession of it as only eight seconds of the game remain. The crowd notes that this is Seirin's last attack. Izuki intends on passing to Kagami, but Kagami is guarded by both Akashi and Mayuzumi. Hyuuga calls out to Izuki, and Izuki passes the ball to him. Hyuuga receives the ball and prepares to shoot. Mibuchi decides to maintain Rakuzan's pride and tries to stop Hyuuga and his shot. Hyuuga realizes that the best choice at the moment is to copy Mibuchi's shot, which he has seen many times during the game. Hyuuga manages to copy Mibuchi's Earth Shot and successfully scores the basket. This surprises both teams.

The basket counts, and Hyuuga receives one free throw due to the nature of the Earth Shot where it forces the opposite player to foul the user, which in this case is Mibuchi. Seirin still has a chance of winning as they joyously celebrate Hyuga's shot. Meanwhile, Mibuchi regrets his decision to guard Hyuuga and apologizes to his teammates. Akashi reassures him not to worry but to focus on the rebound.

Kiyoshi goes for rebound

Kiyoshi goes for the rebound

The Seirin players gather as they decide to entrust the rebound to Kiyoshi. Hyuuga and the rest of the players get into their positions as they await Hyuuga's throw. Hyuuga sheds some tears before his throw, realizing this is the last game he will be able to play with everyone including Kiyoshi. Hyuuga and Kiyoshi remember the memories of everything that has happened until now- everything which has led them to where they are today. All of the hopes and efforts they have shown up until now are for this very moment. Hyuuga completely believes Kiyoshi will get the rebound. The ball doesn't go in, and Kiyoshi goes for the rebound with Nebuya and Mibuchi jumping for the ball as well.

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