This Time, For Sure
Chapter 198
Chapter 198, Volume 22
Title This Time, For Sure
Kondo Koso
Release date January 21, 2013
Anime episode Episode 61
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This Time, For Sure is the one hundred and ninety-eighth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


In the next play, Izuki passes to Hyuuga, Moriyama manages to steal it. He passes to Kasamatsu who gives it to Kise. Moriyama thinks that it is unlike Izuki to let the ball get stolen from him. Kise then faces Kagami and shocks him by using Kuroko’s Phantom Shot to score. Kiyoshi analyzes, however, that it is not exactly the same since Kise combined it with Midorima’s high projectile shot. Kaijo celebrates, and the entire team commends Kise for bringing the score to 70-77.

The entire starts enthusiastically cheering for Kaijo. Himuro calculates that the crowd’s negative attitude toward Seirin really hurt the team. Furthermore, it is impossible to not side with Kaijo—they stayed strong until their injured ace returned, and he is now fighting hard to help his team win.

In the next play, Hyuuga shoots an air ball—Izuki is dumbfounded that Hyuuga made such a mistake. Kiyoshi and Kobori both race after the ball, but Kuroko manages to get the ball, and he holds onto it. Watching Seirin struggle, Riko suddenly gets up to call a time out—she painfully realizes that Hyuuga’s inflexible words earlier should have alerted her sooner. Those words created an entirely negative feedback loop that they currently can’t escape.

On the court, Kuroko passes the ball to Kiyoshi who fumbles the ball, and Kaijo regains possession. As Kise dashes down the court, Kagami races after Kise. As Kise about to dunk, Kagami jumps and accidentally pushes Kise. Kise is immediately awarded two free throws. Afterwards, Kise looks at Kagami and realizes that Kagami didn’t do it on purpose. Kagami apologizes and then declares to a speechless Kise that this isn’t a story where their fate is already decided—they are writing their own drama here and now. Seirin then light heartedly jokes with Kagami, stating they can’t believe that he said something so corny. Kagami hurriedly pleads with his teammates—they should all ignore the crowd’s heckling because Seirin is definitely going to win. Hyuuga replies that they all understand—Kagami doesn’t need to say anymore. Quoting Kiyoshi (who is surprised Hyuuga is using “his” line), he voices that “they should have fun”. Kuroko then voices that because of Kagami’s “corny line” he has a plan to stop Kise.

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