This Time, For Sure
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Episode 61
Episode 61
Title This Time, For Sure
Air date March 21, 2015
Manga chapters 197, 198, and 199
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In Order to Win
He Is The Best Player
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This Time, For Sure (episode) (今度こそ, Kondokoso) is the seventh episode and the eleventh episode of the 3rd season of the Kuroko no Basuke anime.


Kaijo fiercely fights back with the return of their ace player Kise. The crowd goes wild from their all-out efforts to make a comeback and all start to cheer only for Kaijo. The resulting pressure was something Seirin had never experienced before. Under those tough conditions, they start to make multiple mistakes, and furthermore, Kagami's defense picks up a foul.

However, Kagami shakes off the crowd's booing with a corny line and a fierce fighting spirit! Touched by that strong will, the team was able to regain their composure and some of the crowd's attention as the audience cheers for both Seirin and Kaijo! Kuroko finally finds the clue in order to overcome Kise's Perfect Copy, which leave Seirin no other choice but to trust his observations, hoping to win the game for sure.

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