This Time I'll
Volume 14
Publication date October 4, 2011 [1]
Published by Shueisha
ISBN 978-4-08-870295-7 [1]
Cover character(s) Daiki Aomine
Publication Order
Preceded by
Not This Time
Followed by
Because I Believe in You
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This Time I'll is the fourteenth volume of the Kuroko no Basuke manga series.


After Aomine defeats Kuroko’s Ignite Pass Kai and Vanishing Drive, Kuroko is benched. However, Kagami’s animal instinct awakens as he decides to go from “saved to savior”, and he closes the point gap. Seeing Kagami’s strength, Aomine is overjoyed to find such a strong opponent. Kuroko also steps back on to the court. However, Imayoshi points out that doing one’s best doesn’t guarantee victory. Marking Kuroko, Imayoshi tells him “some things are seen more clearly from behind the mirror”.



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