This Time I'll
Chapter 121
Chapter 121, Volume 14
Title This Time I'll
Japanese 今度はオレが
Romanized Kondo wa Orega
Anime episode Episode 40
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Useless Effort
Can You Leave It To Me

This Time I'll (chapter) is the one hundredth and twenty-first chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kagami thinks that Kuroko has definitely saved them countless times. Furthermore, he believes that he will return to the game. Still, since there is no guarantee when that will happen, he can’t let the gap widen any further. He decides, therefore, that this time he will save Kuroko.

When the game resumes, Kagami faces Aomine. Realizing that he can’t get past Aomine, he passes to Kiyoshi. Izuki works together with Kiyoshi to get past Wakamatsu and score. Aomine casually asks Kagami why he hesitated when he looked ready to go. Kagami replies that Kiyoshi was in a better position; that is why he passed to him. As they get ready for the next play, Kagami tells Aomine that they have no intention of running away.

In the stands, Murasakibara notes that a change of pace has occurred. Midorima and Kise both feel that Kagami has a natural, relaxed stance just Aomine’s. On the court, Kagami suddenly thrusts his hand forward to try and steal the ball from Aomine. However, Aomine’s speed and agility is too great, and he goes for the dunk.

Riko, however, notices that Kagami looks different from before. She recalls the conversation that she had with her father. Flashback: Kagetora tells Riko that in Kagami’s case, teamwork is the worst thing. Somewhere in his heart, he relies on Kuroko. Until he doesn’t break free, he will never be able to match the Generation of Miracles.

On the court, Kagami unexpectedly reacts and once again jumps to block Aomine’s shot, shocking everyone. Riko realizes that Kuroko’s defeat helped unleash Kagami’s true strength. After Kagami stops him, Aomine decides that he can finally play a little more seriously now.

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