This Won't Work
Chapter 44
Chapter 44, Volume 6
Title This Won't Work!!
Sonna Tama de wa Nai Darou
Release date October 12, 2009
Anime episode Episode 16
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This Won't Work!! is the forty-fourth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Midorima states that Momoi’s information gathering skills are top notch. She saved them many times in middle school. Nevertheless, Kise feels she won’t be able to give it her all since Kuroko is her opponent; he is the boy she loves. Midorima is surprised; he didn’t know that Momoi liked Kuroko. Kise retorts that he must be a monkey not to notice. Piqued, Midorima can’t believe that Kise called him a monkey. He becomes quiet then, and he adds that Momoi definitely won’t back down. She knows that Kuroko feels the same and wouldn’t want her to go easy on him.

On the court, Kagami notices Momoi, and he tells Kuroko she’s just like any other girl. Kuroko quietly replies she is-as long as she’s not playing a match. Kagami is slightly confused by his answer.

Tōō Academy’s coach, Katsunori Harasawa, speaks to Momoi. She states that everything is according to plan. She thinks to herself that boys are so simple minded; that’s why she knows what Seirin is going to do. When Tōō Academy easily counters all of Seirin’s basic plays and techniques, Riko realizes that Seirin has been completely studied by Momoi. As a data gathering specialist, she can analyze and decipher all kinds of information. Moreover, as one play demonstrates, she has the ability to visualize any player’s growth and accurately predict what they will do. He final weapon is woman’s intuition. Nevertheless, Riko states they’ll continue like this. Momoi is naïve; there are two players on the court whose data is limited-Kuroko and Kagami.

When Kuroko blocks Sakurai so Hyuuga can shoot, Momoi is surprised. Sill she thinks to herself that that’s why she loves Tetsu—she never knows what he’s going to do. The score is now Tōō Academy 21-Seirin 15. However, Kagami feels that his legs may be troubling him.

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