Kings of Tokyo anime

Hyūga talking about the Kings of Tokyo

They're the three unshakable kings of Tokyo.

Junpei Hyūga

The Three Kings of Tokyo are three schools from Tokyo that are exceptionally strong in the high school basketball league. For the past ten years, the representatives for the Interhigh were always the same three schools, later dubbed as the Kings of Tokyo.[1] This tradition was broken when Seirin High defeated Seihō High and Shūtoku and threw them out of the final league of the Interhigh.


One year ago, Seirin High managed to get to the final league. But as always, the Kings of Tokyo were there too. Seirin was crushed by triple the points.

This year, Seihō and Shūtoku both had to face Seirin again in the Interhigh, but they were defeated. In the final league, Senshinkan was able to beat Seirin, but only because of Seirin's loss against Tōō.

At the Winter Cup, Shūtoku and Senshinkan were allowed to join the preliminaries. They both advanced to the final league, but Senshinkan was easily defeated by Seirin. Shūtoku tied against Seirin. Senshinkan was later no match against Shūtoku and didn't advance to the Winter Cup. Shūtoku has later been eliminated from the WC by Rakuzan High in the semi-finals.


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