Throw It Away
Chapter 56
Chapter 56, Volume 7
Title Throw It Away
Suteru Koto da
Anime episode Episode 20
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Throw It Away is the fifty-sixth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


The first years only participate in Seirin’s practice match with another school. Riko tells the second years that Kiyoshi wants to see them in action. Before the game starts, Kagami tells Kuroko he doesn’t need to pass to him anymore, surprising Kuroko. Koganei states that Kiyoshi’s doing this so Kagami can realize the value of teamwork. Kiyoshi replies that Kagami isn’t so stupid that he needs to point that out to him. If anything, he’s trying to help Kuroko realize something. He’s slightly piqued that everyone always thinks he’s plotting something. As the game progresses, Riko notes that the first years are doing better than she expected.

Kiyoshi and Riko discuss Kuroko and Kagami at a café. Kiyoshi states that he wants Kuroko to abandon his current style and create a new one. Simultaneously, Kuroko speaks to Hyuuga in Seirin’s gym. He asks Hyuuga to make Kiyoshi a starter since he feels he’s holding the team back. Hyuuga calls him an idiot and tells him that is not his decision to make. He tells Kuroko a little bit about Kiyoshi. Last year, Kiyoshi couldn’t decide if he should be the center or the point guard. Koganei then suggested that he should just do both. Kiyoshi laughed and agreed, saying that he would be “their leader under the net”. Hyuuga adds that if this is how Kuroko feels, he should go and talk to Kagami in the park right now. Kagami had already talked to Hyuuga, telling him that Kuroko wouldn’t let it end like this. That’s why he wants to get stronger too. Hyuuga tells Kuroko that Kagami believed in him and resumes his practice. Kuroko runs out of the gym and heads towards the park. Kiyoshi and Riko see him smiling and believe he’s found his answer.

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