Time's Up
Chapter 92
Chapter 92, Volume 11
Title Time's Up
Shiai Shūryō
Anime episode Episode 31
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Time's Up is the ninety-second chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kuroko passes to Kiyoshi. Although Kiyoshi has reached his limit, he jumps to dunk the ball in. Midorima instantly jumps as well, trying to block his final shot. However, he accidentally fouls Kiyoshi as he shoots. Kiyoshi is immediately awarded two free throws. Shutoku consoles Midorima; however, he thinks to himself that he wanted to block Kiyoshi without fouling him. He adds that he isn’t called the “Iron Heart” for nothing. Shutoku also discusses their game plan. Kiyoshi is definitely feeling the pressure; therefore, this will be a battle for the rebound.

Seirin also talks everything out. Hyuuga tells Kiyoshi to do his best; they’ll get the rebound. Izuki adds that they are not asking him to intentionally miss. Kuroko even adds Kiyoshi’s famous one-liner “Let’s have fun.”

When everyone is in position, Kiyoshi shoots and sinks the first basket. Everyone is tense as he shoots once more. When it hits the rim, Coach Nakatani and Riko both give a shout to their respective players to get the rebound. Kagami is the one who jumps highest and grabs the ball. As he is about to dunk it into the basket, Midorima jumps and blocks the ball as well. They are locked in a furious mid-air battle to the finish. As the clock runs out, Kagami doesn’t score in time. The game ends in a tie 104-104, shocking both teams. In this competition, in order to save time, no overtimes are allotted. Because of this outcome, both teams are still in the race for the Winter Cup.

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