Time’s Up!
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Chapter 274
Chapter 274
Title Time’s Up!
Taimu Appu
Release date August 20, 2014
Anime episode Episode 75
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This Is The Final Play
However Many Times

Time’s Up! is the two hundreth and seventy-fourth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga. 


Everybody jumps for the rebound, but Kiyoshi is the one who gets it. The Seirin bench cheers as Rakuzan's coach yells at his team to stop Seirin at all costs by not letting them shoot. On the court, the Rakuzan players wonder who Kiyoshi will pass the ball to. Mayuzumi notices Kuroko move and tells himself that he knew all this time it was going to be Kuroko but wonders how the thought of Kuroko disappeared from his mind as soon as it came. Mayuzumi notes that Kuroko has deluded his presence to become a large menace, the Phantom Sixth Man.

I am a shadow

"I am a shadow"

Kagami's final dunk

Kagami's final dunk

Mayuzumi is right as Kuroko is the one Kiyoshi passes to. The other Rakuzan players are startled, but Mibuchi notices that Kuroko did not shoot during the entire match and concludes that it must have purposely been for this very moment, so he will not stand out on the court. As Kuroko prepares for the shot, the Seirin bench cheers him on, but suddenly Akashi dramatically rushes to block him. Akashi appears before Kuroko, proclaiming it is all over. However, Kuroko softly smiles and tells him otherwise-- he adds that he is a shadow. Kuroko shoots, and Akashi realizes that it is an alley-oop with Kagami who prepares to dunk. With the last 4 seconds of the match, Kagami dunks as the buzzer beater rings.

The match ends with a score of 106 - 105. Seirin is announced as this year's Winter Cup champions. The Seirin bench and the players happily cheer.

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