To Win!
Chapter 166
Chapter 166, Volume 19
Title To Win!
Japanese 勝つ!
Romanized Katsu!
Release date May 21, 2012
Anime episode Episode 50
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I Don't Care Anymore
It's Do or Die!!

To Win! is the one hundred and sixty-sixth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Before the game begins, Kuroko speaks to Murasakibara. He tells him that he honestly thought that Murasakibara had given up. Murasakibara replies that he tried to, but since he hates losing even more, he has decided to crush them. Kuroko answers that he feels the same way about losing.

In the first play, Izuki, Hyuuga, and Kuroko triple team Himuro. Okamura suddenly screens Hyuuga, and Kuroko is unable to block Himuro. As Himuro prepares to shoot, Kagami jumps to block him. Himuro acknowledges how amazing Kagami is and admits his defeat. Nevertheless, he declares that Yosen will still win. He passes to Murasakibara, and Kagami instantly moves to block him. However, Murasakibara passes back to Himuro who scores. Seirin, Aomine, Momoi, and Kise are all shocked because they have never seen Murasakibara like this. Hyuuga realizes that this changes everything; at this point, Kagami speaks to Izuki for a minute.

In the next play, an annoyed Fukui faces Kagami who has now become the point guard. He passes to Kuroko who in turn passes back up toward the basket, and Kagami dunks the ball in. Kagami does another combo play with Izuki in the next play. Watching everything, Aomine states that it is ironic—team play oriented Seirin is depending on Kagami whereas the defensive team Yosen is working together on offense. However, he analyzes that any missed shots could prove fatal.

The play continues, bringing the score to Yosen 72-68. Hyuuga thinks that they have to find a way to break Yosen’s teamwork. The referee suddenly signals a “black member change”. An overjoyed Seirin welcomes back Kiyoshi.

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