Tomoya Inoue (井上 智也 Inoue Tomoya) was the ace and power forward of the Basketball Club Team in Kamizaki Junior High. He is Aomine's ex-rival.


Inoue has light brown, medium long hair. He is tall and unusually muscular. He is seen wearing his team's training outfit. He wore the black and maroon Kamizaki Junior High jersey with the number 7.


He is self-confident and likes to compete, as evidenced by his conversation with Aomine.


Inoue gives up on guarding Aomine

Inoue gives up on guarding Aomine

Inoue is a power forward just like Aomine. Because Aomine thinks they are well-matched, he played with all his strength to the point that Inoue gave up on guarding him because of the overwhelming difference in their abilities. This is the main reason Aomine became arrogant and lost his love for basketball. 


Inoue was Kamazaki's ace. He was able to hold Aomine under control in their first year, which proves that he was a skilled and strong basketball player. In Junior High school, Inoue had the reputation of one of the strongest power forwards in the league.


  • Inoue's actual debut was in Chapter 41. However, he was only vaguely mentioned by Momoi and didn't have much impact on the storyline at that moment. In his Anime debut, his appearance is not clear because he doesn't have much impact on the storyline. His appearance just became clear upon his short appearance in OVA 41.5.


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