Try Jumping
Chapter 61
Chapter 61, Volume 7
Title Try Jumping
Tonde Mite
Anime episode Episode 22
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Try Jumping is the sixty-first chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kagami continues his training ritual throughout the remainder of their trip. After the practice games with Seirin (Shutoku won all the games) Coach Nakatani comments that Seirin has become stronger since they almost won each game without Kagami’s help; plus Kiyoshi has also returned. They will have to be careful during the Winter Cup.

On their final night, Hyuuga and Kiyoshi discuss their trip, weighing the different pros and cons that resulted because of their training schedule. They specifically focus their discussion on Kagami’s growth. Outside, Riko talks to Kagami. He tells her he can’t understand what the point of his coming on this trip was if all he did was run on the beach. Riko shows him his jumps have become higher without him even realizing it. With his right legs his jumps are better; this training has helped with that—now the rest is up to him. Takao, who has been watching their discussion behind some bushes, is shocked by Kagami’s growth.

Kagami feels that he can finally defeat Aomine in aerial combat. Midorima suddenly shows up; both of them are annoyed when they see each other. He states that he’s disappointed in Kagami; he lost to Aomine before he had a chance to defeat him. Observing his hand prints on the board, Midorima laughs slightly mockingly, asking Kagami if jumping is all he can think about. Midorima, however, comments that that’s not enough to beat Aomine, and that he’ll prove that to Kagami. Takao, who has also been joined by Kuroko, continue to watch behind the bushes.

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