Two Things
Chapter 14
Chapter 14, Your Basketball
Title Two Things
Futatsu Itteokuze
Release date March 23, 2009
Anime episode Episode 6
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Two Things is the fourteenth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Seirin High vs Shinkyo Academy

Seirin vs Shinkyō

Kuroko wants to be a starter, but Riko says if they use their trump card, the results will not be that good and they need at least a 10 point lead by the end of the first quarter. Both teams line up, and Papa continues to tease the about the Japanese being small in height like Kuroko the kid. Kuroko shows up behind Papa, saying he's not a kid; Papa is surprised that he's a starter.

The tip-off starts with Papa vs. Kagami. Kagami loses to Papa in height. The match starts with Shinkyō's possession of the ball. Papa does a jump shot, and Kagami is there to block, but he fails seeing how tall Papa is. Shinkyō gains their first point of 2 ‒ 0. Hyūga makes a shot, but Papa manages to stop his shot easily. Two members of Seirin complain that it's unfair to have a foreign player that is strong. Tanimura comments there's nothing wrong as long as they can win easily. Hyūga is also proud that they have Kuroko and Kagami in their team. The score is 8 ‒ 3 in favor of Shinkyō.

Kagami pressure defense

Kagami pressures Papa

Papa misses a shot making his accuracy lessen because of Kagami's pressure on him. There is a flashback scene where Kagami is taught by Mitobe on how to stop a shot by someone who is taller. Kagami is continuously pressuring Papa to make his shots miss. The people watching the match comment that Papa is no big trouble at all. Papa continuously shoots, and Kagami is there to block. Papa is offended by Kagami's pressure on him; on the other hand, Kagami is also pissed because he's not satisfied with only pressuring his opponent.

Kagami says he'll tell Papa two things: first he will make sure to block one of his shot. Papa said he won't be able to because he'll not lose to a team with a kid. Izuki throws the ball until it reaches Papa. Kuroko misdirects the ball to Kagami who then dunks it in. Kagami says that the second thing is that the kid will be a trouble for Papa after all. Annoyed, Kuroko asks them to stop calling him a kid.

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