Unbeatable is Just Right
Chapter 6
Chapter 6, Volume 1
Title Unbeatable is Just Right
Katenee Gurai ga Choudo Ii
Release date January 26, 2008
Anime episode Episode 3
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Payback is On You!

Unbeatable is Just Right is the sixth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


After mentioning a weak point, Kuroko says that he is now losing his efficiency. On the other side, Kise explains how Misdirection's efficiency is fading-- Kuroko makes himself disappear with his lack of pressence and creates an illusion of the ball changing its course by itself. But if Kuroko continues using it, the more they get used to it, the more it becomes less effective. Riko is surprised when she learns about this risk. As she strangles Kuroko, the timeout expires. Giving the team objectives, the game continues. As Kasamatsu notices Seirin's change in formation, he shoots a sudden three pointer. On defense, Kise guards Kagami. Kagami passes to Kuroko, but the ball is stolen. As the gap is slowly increasing, Kise tells Kagami that it is 10 years too early to be challenging the Generation of Miracles. After Kise explains why his team is superior to theirs, Kagami laughs out loud-- he is delighted to find a strong opponent since he came back from America. After being fired up, Kagami tells Kise that Kuroko is Kise's weak point.

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