Useless Effort
Chapter 120
Chapter 120, Volume 14
Title Useless Effort
Mudana Doryokuda
Anime episode Episode 39
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Useless Effort is the one hundredth and twentieth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Everyone is stupefied that Kuroko’s Vanishing Drive was broken. Riko rushes to ask for a timeout, but she is too late. After Kuroko gets the ball, Izuki sees that Kuroko is going to use Ignite Pass Kai. He calls out to Kuroko to wait—Kiyoshi and Hyuuga haven’t shaken their marks yet. Kuroko, however, blasts the ball across the court. Softly calling Kuroko an idiot, Aomine easily stops his pass. Aloud, he tells Kuroko the same technique won’t work against him twice—Tetsu shouldn’t disappoint him too much. Furthermore, he announces that if this is all he can do, it’s a useless effort. Taking the ball, he once again scores using his formless shot. Kagami is also unable to stop him.

On the bench, Riko desperately hopes that the clock will stop. When it does, she requests a timeout and then subs out Kuroko. Seeing Kuroko holding his trembling knee, she asks Furihata to tape it. Kuroko insists that he is fine, but Furihata asks Kuroko to let him help. Kuroko recalls Aomine’s words and despairingly curses. When the timeout ends, Seirin heads out. Kagami suddenly places his hand on Kuroko’s head, surprising the latter. He tells Kuroko everything he has done is not useless. Everyone believes that he will return to the game. In the meantime, he will handle Aomine.

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